Diane M., Kahului, HI - Auto Accident

"Excellent personal injury attorney that did an amazing job on my case. Caring and generous with his client; while tough and tenacious with opposing side. Honest, highly skilled and very resourceful."

Jeff S., Sherman, TX - 18 Wheeler Accident

"I had gotten mangled pretty bad when a semi truck crossed lanes and hit me. My car was totaled and my body was a achy mess. I waited for a couple of weeks to heal and a friend referred me to Johnny Brown. He was awesome. I wasn't able to work because of the pain, but Mr. Brown gave me a cash advance so that I could still pay my bills and eat. All the while, I was treating and then out of nowhere Mr. Brown called and said "we've got a good settlement". He was the BEST."

Jason T., Kihei, HI - Auto Accident

"I will keep coming back to this guy. I got rear ended and it tore my neck and back up. I had to have months of PT and I was getting all these bills that I couldn't pay- the attorney  WON MY CASE and everything is back to normal."

Brandy R., Denison, Texas

“Bulldog. This guy hates to lose and he never quits. I was in a bad accident in Texas, down in Dallas, and I was hit by a phone company truck. The doctors said that I would never recover. They called it ‘failed back syndrome.’ Johnny Brown arranged for my surgery through a third party lending company, filed a lawsuit, and we settled my case for over a million dollars. After we paid all the bills, I had enough money to buy a house. You know, I would trade the money back for a healthy back any day, but I can’t do that. All things considered, I have real security for the first time in my life and Johnny Brown made it happen.” 

H. Simpliciano, Lahaina, HI

“Johnny Brown told loves his job.  He was engaged from the beginning of my case until the very end. He has a pleasant staff and he always called me back. You know, not everything went perfectly in my case, and I wished we had won a little more money. But understanding the process helped me to accept the good with the bad, and in spite of some bad facts, we did the best that we could in light of the situation. Excellent lawyer!”

Keoni K., Wailuku, HI

“Mr. Brown one good attorney.  He no waste time and work hard ya, and always practice with Kuliana.  He helped a braddeh when I  needed it.  He's pono towards island people and respect da  culture.  A hui hou .


$1.25 Million Settlement


Client was driving when another vehicle slammed into her. Client was pinned inside vehicle. She was later diagnosed with Failed Back Syndrome. 

Confidential Settlement

Hawaii Bus

Maui Island Bus accident;  fractured hip injury when door closed on my client and she was flung to the ground, breaking her  hip. Significant settlement in high six figures.

$125k Settlement for Broken Arm in Maui


My client was injured when she tripped on a curb at a sidewalk, because of cleaning crew who did not sweep up leaves, causing her to fall and break her humorous.