All Kinds of Personal Injury

A man in need of a car wreck Injury Attorney in Wailuku, HI

In thirty years, I've handled every type of injury claim that you can imagine. If you're hurt due to the neglect of another; call me.

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Car Crashes


From the moment of impact, the insurance company is working to defeat your claim. Protect yourself by knowing your rights. 

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Wrongful Death


When the ultimate tragedy befalls your family, quickly hire a tough, smart lawyer to preserve the evidence and win your case. 

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Slip and Fall


Property owners have a duty to keep their property safe.  They have to keep the walkways clear, the floors clean, and warn of any dangers.  Their negligence means we win.

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Medical Malpractice


You may have a case if your doctor failed to diagnose, or was negligent (deviated from the standard of care) in your treatment. 

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Dog Bites


Hawaii provides special protection for dog bite victims, and most homeowners policies will pay if you're hurt.

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